Gulfport Bet on a Sure Thing

Gulfport has been ranked one of the best beach resort towns in ALL of America with excellent dining options for even the pickiest of eaters!

Gulfport has been ranked one of the best beach resort towns in ALL of America with excellent dining options for even the pickiest of eaters!

How many times have you had that feeling that you’ve got a sure winner?  Well, we’ll tell you about one of the Gulf Coast’s sure winners.  We’re not talking about the dozen or so casinos in the Gulfport area like The Hard Rock or Harrah’s or Margaritaville, we’re talking about a real sure winner, Majestic Oaks Campground.  In all our stays around the country, there’re only a few places that we’d take our time to write about, let alone return to time and again.  Majestic Oaks is one of them.  Situated on the Gulf Coast, and just off of I-10/I-110, it offers convenience, attractions, history, professional staff, reasonable prices, and one of the nicest facilities at which we’ve stayed. 

Majestic Oaks is so well laid out with over 100 spaces, and of those spaces, 14 spaces are pull-thru’s.  We find that very helpful especially when trailering a small boat, jet skis, or my car behind my RV.  We know it can be done, but we don’t like backing up.  It’s also especially nice to have pull-thru’s when arriving late in the evening after a long drive.  Also, the staff have been most helpful anytime we’ve needed something, but Majestic Oaks has so much right here.  We’re not big coffee drinkers, but there’s always a fresh pot on in the lobby and clubhouse.  We’re retired, but not really.  We never really retired and run our online business from the road….so we find their business center helpful to print some documents on occasion.  We enjoy having both reliable Wi-Fi and Direct TV hookup available for Free for our phones, laptops, or other devices.   At our space, there’s always plenty of power with different voltages (20/30/50).  It’s a lot of value for the rate and there are no extra charges for water or sewer either.  Normally, we stay a couple of weeks at a time, but occasionally, we’ve stayed for a couple of months at a time, and their monthly rates are even more competitive. 

When our grandchildren come down from Memphis and Atlanta, they really enjoy the pool or taking the Campground shuttle to Margaritaville or Gulf Islands Waterpark when we can’t take the boat out.  But, most times we enjoy family times on Mullet Lake or head out to the Gulf of Mexico and Deer Island for a little fishing or wake boarding.  Majestic Oaks is so convenient from so many places and for so many activities, whether the grandkids want to go to the beach or their folks want to head to New Orleans for a weekend alone, our spot here at Majestic Oaks is right in the center of it all.  It’s pet friendly here too, so when they come down with the family dogs, it’s never a problem.  We can’t say that about every place we’ve been.

Gulfport has been ranked one of the best beach resort towns in ALL of America with excellent dining options for even the pickiest of eaters!  There’re dining options for everyone.  We’re partial to Gulf Coast oysters so one of our favorite spots is the Half Shell Oyster House, but our Memphis family are more meat eaters, so we head over to the Rack House for a nice evening when they’re in town.  Murky Waters has good BBQ, but the kids always like the Shrimp Basket for … wait for it … popcorn shrimp!  Frankly, in all our travels, we can’t think of a location that offers more for everyone in our family.  We’re thrilled when they arrive, and sad to see them go, but we do enjoy the long-term and even the short-termers here at Majestic Oaks.  We’ll get a card game together, or do a BBQ with others in the BBQ area.  It’s simply a good group of people. 

The well-groomed beaches in Gulfport are not as crowded as other Gulf Coast beaches may be, and we love the wide white sands that stretch for over 25 miles!  We do love Autumn at the beach, it’s a completely different feel.  Even though Gulfport beaches are not as crowded as others even in the Summer, they’re even better in the Fall, while the air and water are still warm, and the beach is ours!

But, when we’re ready to head out, or the weather has changed; we can fill up on propane right here, and don’t have to search all over town for it.   A quick left-turn on I-110 through Biloxi, and we’re back on I-10, and bound for more adventures.  It’s always nice to have a place like Majestic Oaks to come back to… sort of like coming home.  We don’t take my chances with the casinos anymore, but we always bet on a sure thing with Majestic Oaks.

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