Booking & Rates

All Rates Include: Water, Sewer, ​Electricity, Direct TV And Wi-Fi

All Campsite Rates Include: Water, Sewer, ​Electricity, Direct TV And Wi-Fi


Our campsite rates are competitive… and we intend to keep them that way so you can get the most out of your travel dollars! Please note that we do accept personal checks. Prices shown include up to 4 total occupants per site Additional guest will incur a charge of $10 per day per guest up to a maximum of 8 total occupants. All guest must occupy the same reserved camp site.

 Daily: $68.99 + tax

Weekly/ 7 Nights: $374.99 + tax

Monthly/ 30 Nights: $879.99 + tax

Daily: $78.99 + tax

Weekly/ 7 Nights: $404.99 + tax

Monthly / 30 Nights: $919.99 + tax

Cruisin’ The Coast

Back In: $799.00
Pull Thru: $829.00

Crawfish festival

Back In: $349.00
Pull Thru: $379.00


Boat Parking: 
$10 daily, $50 weekly, $100 monthly.

Trailer Parking: 
$10 daily, $50 weekly, $100 monthly.

Extra car parking: 
$10 daily, $50 weekly, $100 monthly.

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